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Jonix operates pre-schools which provide tuition from 9 – 1pm or 9.30 to 1.30 Classes provide a systematic approach to the assessment and evaluation of behaviour and the application of interventions that alter behaviour. Our focus is on promoting pro-social behaviour and reducing maladaptive behaviour. All of the Jonix pre-schools will consist of classrooms, with 6 children in each class. Class sizes are small to ensure that each child receives the 1:1 tuition to improve on their social, communication and academic goals.


Each school offers an engaging, stimulating and learning experience for your child. The day is specifically structured so each child gets the most out of his/her day. Visual schedules are used to provide clarity and predictability for our students and to enhance their feelings of autonomy.

Here at Jonix we place a huge emphasis on the children’s Communication and Play skills and these are prioritised for each child and worked on across the entire day. PECS, Grace App and Irish Sign Language or Lámh are used to facilitate communication. All of the schools will have an outdoor play area which is used daily and a soft play room or area so that the children can engage in quiet time or sensory activities. At the recommendation of Occupational Therapists sensory diets are incorporated into programs to regulate our students need for movement and to help them attend to tasks.

Elements from Aistear and Siolta are incorporated into the children’s daily group activities. The four main themes are identified and activities are structured around these through Art and Craft, Music, Sensory and Cooking.

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